David Suzuki Talks about His Father’s Influence

To celebrate Father’s Day, David Suzuki speaks passionately and personally about his relationship with his father.

Celebrating Marine Diversity on World Oceans Day

Today is world oceans day. A time to celebrate every kind of marine life—trillions of plankton, billions of fish, millions of seabirds, thousands of whales, and myriad other creatures great and small!

David Suzuki Named Canada’s Most-Trusted Influencer

Reader’s Digest Magazine have named David Suzuki Canada’s most-trusted influencer for 2015.

The Plight of the Monarch Butterfly Migration

Why the great monarch butterfly migration is in danger of disappearing, population numbers are declining, and what we can do to help.

Thinking about Bees, Insecticides, and What We Can Do

In this excerpt, David explains what we can do in our homes to help minimize our ecological impact on these busy invertebrates, and elaborates on some of the issues and causes for the recent decline in bee populations.

The Law of Love on Valentine’s Day

In honour of Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d revisit David Suzuki’s chapter “The Law of Love” from his book The Sacred Balance to give all the lovers out there a few words to live by.

Excerpt from Letters to My Grandchildren: Why Do Sports Matter?

In this second exclusive excerpt from David Suzuki’s forthcoming book, Letters to My Grandchildren, David offers up a lifetime of wisdom, inspiring us all to live with courage, conviction, and passion

Excerpt from Letters to My Grandchildren: In Search of Roots

In this exclusive excerpt from Letters to My Grandchildren, Suzuki offers grandfatherly advice to his five grandchildren, recounts stories from his own childhood, and explores what makes life meaningful.


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