12 Principles for Living Sustainably

David Suzuki’s Green Guide cuts away the stress and confusion of living sustainably by breaking down the complex impact that our modern lifestyle has on the environment.

Valuing Natural Resources: Gibsons Eco-Asset Strategy

Last summer, Gibsons, B.C., became the first municipality in North America to consider nature as an asset, and realize a huge idea central to David’s writings.

On the Imbalance of Economy and Environment

An excerpt from the David Suzuki Reader on natural capital, following Suzuki’s speech and letter to his grandson, Tamo Campos, on the imbalance of economy and ecology.

More Good News

David Suzuki and Holly Dressel update their bestseller Good News for a Change, published in 2003 with over 35,000 copies sold, with the latest inspiring stories about individuals, groups, and businesses that are making real change in the world.


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