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Pre-Order Social MediaThe pre-order for David Suzuki’s new book, Letters to My Grandchildren, is now live. When you pre-order through Greystone Books before May 1st, you’ll receive all of the following:

• A signed copy by May 8th, in advance of publication
• A bonus copy of David Suzuki’s The Legacy
• A free ebook download of Letters to My Grandchildren and The Legacy.

In addition, Greystone Books will donate 10% of the purchase price to the David Suzuki Foundation when you pre-order Letters to My Grandchildren.

The Pre-order is now closed:

But you can still order the book!

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“Letters to My Grandchildren” – David Suzuki’s Impassioned Message to Grandchildren Attracts Ryga Award Attention

This is a unique collection of thoughts and pieces of advice from one of Canada’s most prominent thinkers and activists. It blends together questions of place, belonging, race, environment, aging, and planning for the future.

David Suzuki featured in NUVO Magazine

David Suzuki featured in NUVO Magazine

David Suzuki to Discuss Latest Book at the 39th Annual Powell Street Festival in Vancouver

World-renowned scientist and author David Suzuki will be speaking about his newest book, Letters to My Grandchildren published by Greystone Books, at the 39th Annual Powell Street Festival, which is Canada’s largest festival of Japanese Arts and Culture.


  1. Thia TSURUTA


    288 AMESTI RD.

    I’d like to get an idea of what’s inside the book. How can I do that? Thank you!!! Thia

    • admin


      Hi Thia,

      For some idea of what the content is like, we’ve posted two excerpts from Letters to My Grandchildren here (In Search of Roots), and here (Why Do Sports Matter?). For a more broad description of the book, see the book page here.

      The package also comes with a copy of The Legacy, where David speaks about our current global situation and his inspiring vision for the future.

      Hope this helps, let us know if there’s any other information that you’d like!

  2. Pat OCallahan


    I am a big fan of David Suzuki, and my husband and I watch the Nature of Things, one of the few TV shows that are quite inspiring and educational at this level of science and learning about our earth.

    It (The Nature of Things) is an ideal avenue for young children, older teens, adults etc….who really would like to explore more of the evolution of our earth as we see it, and through the eyes of scientists, anthropologists and their earlier and latest findings of our planet and life that has evolved and we live with today, in all different parts of the world, to what it has become today and what it will be tomorrow.

    My husband and I are grandparents now, and watching the Nature of Things helps educate an audiance that is young, curious and thriving today, a society that is adopting a whole new idea of how to transform this planet we call earth, to preserve it and make it a healthy and happy place in which to live.

    Personally, David Suzuki has given his life to this work and helping the transfer of what it means to go from a plastic, industrial society to a society that is health friendly, to both the environment, the animal life and to our life.

    I would love one of David Suzuki s books, to pass on to my grandchildren, so that their lives can be enriched as mine has been, and their way thinking of the good that can come to this world by re-thinking!

    Thank you to all the people who assisted Dr. David Suzuki to put together such a library an share it with the world, in order for the world to become re-educated in order to make this place we live in, a better place for all concerned to live in.

    • admin


      Hi Pat,

      Thanks for this inspiring passage! It’s the perfect summary of David’s work over the years, and a great analogy for what he wants to achieve with Letters to My Grandchildren. If you haven’t seen it already, please give these two excerpts from Letters to My Grandchildren a read, and let us know what you think:

      In Search of Roots / Why Do Sports Matter?

      Thanks for your comment!

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