The Plight of the Monarch Butterfly Migration

Why the great monarch butterfly migration is in danger of disappearing, population numbers are declining, and what we can do to help.

11 Inspiring David Suzuki Quotes

These inspiring David Suzuki quotes show that we have plenty to be optimistic about, from the miracle of life, beauty of nature, to what we have already done for a sustainable future.

B.C.’s Grizzly Bear Trophy Hunt is Unbearable

On April 1st, B.C.’s grizzly bear trophy hunt begins. David Suzuki talks about the importance of this iconic animal, and what a sustainable tourism model would look like.

Valuing Natural Resources: Gibsons Eco-Asset Strategy

Last summer, Gibsons, B.C., became the first municipality in North America to consider nature as an asset, and realize a huge idea central to David’s writings.

Thinking about Bees, Insecticides, and What We Can Do

In this excerpt, David explains what we can do in our homes to help minimize our ecological impact on these busy invertebrates, and elaborates on some of the issues and causes for the recent decline in bee populations.

The Law of Love on Valentine’s Day

In honour of Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d revisit David Suzuki’s chapter “The Law of Love” from his book The Sacred Balance to give all the lovers out there a few words to live by.

David Suzuki Art Show at Hot Art Wet City

Hot Art Wet City are hosting an art show to celebrate David Suzuki’s 79th birthday. Submit your work now!

Welcome to David Suzuki Books

Passionate, committed, persuasive, and smart—these are the characteristics that spring to mind when David speaks. And his written words in over 50 books are just as powerful. To celebrate the launch of David Suzuki Books, the new site from Greystone Books, we’re giving away a signed library of David Suzuki Books … Read more and learn how to enter!

On the Imbalance of Economy and Environment

An excerpt from the David Suzuki Reader on natural capital, following Suzuki’s speech and letter to his grandson, Tamo Campos, on the imbalance of economy and ecology.

Win a Signed Library of David Suzuki Books

To celebrate the launch of the #DavidSuzukiBooks website, we’re giving away a signed library of all David Suzuki books available!


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