David Suzuki Talks about His Father’s Influence

To celebrate Father’s Day, David Suzuki speaks passionately and personally about his relationship with his father.

June 16th: David Suzuki at the Knox United Church, Calgary

On June 16th, David Suzuki will give a special talk, Q&A, and signing in Calgary

Celebrating Marine Diversity on World Oceans Day

Today is world oceans day. A time to celebrate every kind of marine life—trillions of plankton, billions of fish, millions of seabirds, thousands of whales, and myriad other creatures great and small!

12 Principles for Living Sustainably

David Suzuki’s Green Guide cuts away the stress and confusion of living sustainably by breaking down the complex impact that our modern lifestyle has on the environment.

David Suzuki’s Letters to My Grandchildren Tour

Join author, scientist, and environmentalist David Suzuki on his special national, Letters to My Grandchildren tour.

David Suzuki’s Coastal Communities Tour

David Suzuki is gearing up to visit coastal B.C. from June 1 to 13, and you’re invited! Check the schedule to see when David will be in a community near you.

Order Letters To My Grandchildren Now!

Pre-order Letters to My Grandchildren through Greystone Books and receive a signed copy, free copy of The Legacy, free eBook, and we’ll donate 10% to the DSF!

Wisdom From an Elder on Earth Day

David Suzuki provides some wisdom on Earth Day about our humble beginnings and how our future depends on our connection to nature.

David Suzuki Named Canada’s Most-Trusted Influencer

Reader’s Digest Magazine have named David Suzuki Canada’s most-trusted influencer for 2015.

Happy 79th Birthday, David Suzuki!

Happy Birthday David Suzuki! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do! Celebrate with us #SuzukiBirthday


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