David Suzuki Named Canada’s Most-Trusted Influencer

Reader’s Digest Magazine have named David Suzuki Canada’s most-trusted influencer for 2015:

The éminence grise of environmentalism continues to rage against the warming of the Earth and the poisoning of our air and water. Recently, Neil Young and Margaret Atwood, among others, joined the tireless David Suzuki on his Blue Dot Tour, a campaign to enshrine the right to a healthy environment within the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Upcoming in May: his new book, Letters to My Grandchildren, which shares the wisdom of a lifetime spent ensuring all of our descendants have a future.

For an excerpt from David’s upcoming book, Letters to My Grandchildren, check out In Search of Roots. Find the entire Reader’s Digest list of Canada’s most-trusted influencers for 2015 here.
(Header photo credit: Dominique Lafond/rodeoproduction.com.)

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