David Suzuki Art Show at Hot Art Wet City


Hot Art Wet City are hosting an art show to celebrate David Suzuki’s 79th birthday. The Vancouver based gallery has put out a call for submissions on their website, and are looking for anyone interested in celebrating the legacy of the activist to submit their own David Suzuki art. The exhibition will run from March 13th until April 2nd, with an opening reception on the Friday from 7-11pm.

Submissions should be sent as a JPG file to info@hotartwetcity.com before March 7th. For further information regarding submission criteria and event information, visit the Hot Art Wet City website. Click here to view the Facebook event page.

A tribute art show to a Canadian icon as he celebrates his 79th birthday and enters his 80th year. This show features art celebrating the man, the myth, the legend, our environmental hero, David Suzuki! If anyone deserves a little celebrity treatment and fan-fare, it’s this tireless academic and activist. Artists include Kazimir Simpson, Chris Bentzen, Sheri Bakes, Erin Gibbs, Melissa Thorpe, Sherri Rogers, and more TBA.

‘The Spirit Speaks’

Taken from The Sacred Balance

“In many societies art is practical (because it is powerful), a design embedded in the necessities of life: carved posts that hold up the roof and guard the dwelling place, rituals for healing, rain dances, sand paintings. These are ways of rendering visible the designs of the universe, the cables that tie us to Earth. In some cases a monetary value has taken its place, as in the bidding wars for Van Gogh’s Irises or the cost of tickets to the ballet. In other cases the official story is that the objects or processes are valueless—the round games of children, the marching songs of soldiers, bedtime stories, sandcastles (those most contradictory objects, embattled structures that will vanish on the incoming tide). These are just games, we say, just pastimes; but as we say it, we know quite well another more fundamental truth. The world is no more, and no less, than a pastime too—the game of life, matter and spirit playing together. We are players in the game, voicing it, telling its story. We speak, therefore we communicate. We sing, therefore we join the song of creation.”

Header image: Sherri Rogers, “Drowning in a Sea of Predictions”

David Suzuki to Discuss Latest Book at the 39th Annual Powell Street Festival in Vancouver

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June 16th: David Suzuki at the Knox United Church, Calgary

On June 16th, David Suzuki will give a special talk, Q&A, and signing in Calgary

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