A Celebration of Robert Bateman – Sunday, June 19th at 3:00PM

Sunday, June 19th at 3:00PM The Revue Stage at 1601 Johnston Street on Granville Island Tickets: $40 plus service charge http://writersfest.bc.ca/events/bateman   The Vancouver Writers Fest and guests invite you to gather in celebration of famed artist and author Robert Bateman’s birthday, as well as the publication of his memoir, Life Sketches. The event will …Read More

“Forest Bathe” This Summer with the David Suzuki Foundation’s 30X30 Nature Challenge

The weather grows warmer as we plunge towards summer. Soon, many people will be spending more and more time outside, beneath sunscreen and wide-brimmed hats. As the colours of spring and summer surround us, there is more of an incentive to get out of the house for weekends, holidays, and evenings. In an article for …Read More

Happy Birthday David Suzuki: Celebrating 80 Years of Inspirational Thinking

In his book Letters to My Grandchildren, David Suzuki writes that “acceptance of aging is part of getting older; some call it wisdom. And when we accept what we are, then we define ourselves and no longer care about how others see us. Believe me, that is totally liberating and gives power to an elder …Read More


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